ATEEZ’s Stage Presence During Their Tour Is So Epic That Even The Security Are Turning Into ATINYs

Everyone becomes an ATINY!

Although ATEEZ might have only debuted in October 2018, the group has quickly gained fame and popularity worldwide as they have taken over the world with talent, charisma, and visuals.

Since debuting in 2018, the group has gained attention for their unique concepts, imaginative performances, and just being generally talented AF.

The members of ATEEZ | @ATEEZOfficial/ Twitter

After postponing many dates due to COVID-19 restrictions, ATEEZ has returned to Europe for their THE FELLOWSHIP: BEGINNING OF THE END. The group has only performed a few shows in Madrid, Spain, but netizens worldwide have gone crazy after the group has returned to Europe for the first time in what seems like forever.

ATEEZ in Madrid | @ATEEZOfficial/ Twitter

Throughout the shows, there have been some amazing moments that showcased just how talented the members are.

Well, it seems like their amazing performance skills have meant that even those not initially attending the shows for themselves have come out of the show as ATINYs.

In particular, one image has gained attention from netizens from one of the Madrid shows. Although it was beautiful seeing a sea of Lightiny’s (ATEEZ lightstick), there was something that stood out the most.

There seemed to be a security guard or policeman who was at the show. This particular person must’ve been enjoying the show as much as fans as they were spotted filming the members during one of their performances.

| @sans_plushies/ Twitter

When the image was shared, netizens couldn’t get over the group’s impact and the fact that they seemed to be gaining the attention of everyone for their talent.

Yet, it isn’t the first time ATEEZ’s performance has been so stunning that even non-ATINYs have been obsessed. When the group started touring earlier in the year, they started in America and rightly wowed with their performances and charisma.

ATEEZ in America | @ATEEZOfficial/ Twitter

In particular, one video was shared online at the Chicago show. User @rorymanoban was one of those lucky enough to attend the concert and shared a video that caught the attention of fans. In the clip, they recorded one of the security guards at the concert.

Although it is quite a serious job, this particular person seemed to be just as into the show as ATINYs because while watching the members, he suddenly threw his hands up in the air and almost started dancing along to one of the tracks.

Every time ATEEZ steps onto the stage, they not only perform but create an unforgettable experience for everyone watching. They unsurprisingly also manage to wow anyone who comes across them in any way. As there are still many shows to go, ATEEZ will no doubt capture the hearts of many more.

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ATEEZ’s Performance During Their World Tour Was So Iconic That Even The Security Guard Was Obsessed

Source: @sans_plushies/ Twitter