ATEEZ Fans Flex The Group’s Numerous Achievements With The Hashtag #WhoIsATEEZ

They’ve accomplished so much!

With ATEEZ‘s recent Japanese comeback — The World EP. Paradigm, released on November 30 — and their upcoming Korean language mini-album, Spin Off: From The Witness, planned to drop on December 30, the K-Pop group has had an incredibly busy past couple of months!

ATEEZ | KQ Entertainment

They also recently wrapped up the first part of their ongoing world tour, The Fellowship: Break The Wall, with their December 12 concert in Chiba, Japan. They’ll continue on to Europe in February and March next year, though, so it’s not over yet!

Amidst what we’re sure is an extremely packed schedule for the ATEEZ members, though, they continue to share updates and have interactions with their beloved fans. And now the fandom is trying to return the love in the form of a trending hashtag!

Earlier today, the following tweet was shared encouraging ATINYs to use the hashtag #WhoIsATEEZ in order to show how much the K-Pop group has accomplished, as well as share appreciation for the members and their talents and loveable personalities.

And in the last several hours, the fans have delivered! Many of the tweets with the hashtag are sharing the fourth-generation boy group’s many achievements, which is especially impressive for a K-Pop artist from a small company like KQ Entertainment.

Many of them also give examples of the incredible talents that each of ATEEZ’s members have!

The kind-hearted and hilarious personalities of the members are shining in the posts as well.

There are just countless iconic moments that ATEEZ has shared with us that deserve to be recognized!

We love to see such well-earned appreciation and admiration being shared for ATEEZ!


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