ATEEZ’s Hongjoong’s Status As A Famous Composer Is Supported By His Brother Bumjoong On YouTube

The Kim siblings are so talented!

Not too long ago, ATEEZ fans were treated with an introduction to Hongjoong‘s brother, Bumjoong, who is a talented choreographer and performer of his own.

Hongjoong had spoken before about how much of an inspiration and role model his older sibling is to him, and ATINYs loved to watch the bond between the two of them as Bumjoong taught the ATEEZ member a dance for the 2021 MAMAs.

Because of their close bond and with how much respect Hongjoong has for his brother, something that fans noticed today about one of Bumjoong’s recent videos on YouTube was a delight to see!

The video was a vlog of the March 24 soccer World Cup finals between South Korea and Iran. While Hongjoong’s participation in the video isn’t obvious at first, people noticed that he was given credit in the description of the video for composing the music in it!

Not only that, but Bumjoong also called Hongjoong a “famous composer” in the description, which is definitely a title that the ATEEZ leader deserves!

After all, Hongjoong plays a major role in the creation of ATEEZ’s music, including songwriting, composing, and many other aspects in the music-making process.

He definitely deserves to be recognized as a talented music composer, and we always love to see glimpses of the loving and caring relationship the Kim siblings clearly have with each other!