ATEEZ’s Hongjoong Shares New Childhood Pictures With His Older Brother Bumjoong

What a pair of cuties!

Last December, ATEEZ fans got treated with an introduction to Hongjoong‘s older brother and role model, Bumjoong, who he had spoken about proudly for a while before.

Bumjoong, a professional contemporary dancer, was shown teaching Hongjoong a choreography for ATEEZ’s performance for the 2021 MAMAs, and ATINYs immediately started stanning the handsome older sibling.

Hongjoong has been more comfortable lately sharing bits and pieces of his family, namely Bumjoong, and just recently he treated ATEEZ fans to a glimpse of their childhood together!

Bumjoong and Hongjoong | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

In a Twitter post with the caption “JJoong brother 👬”, Hongjoong shared four different pictures of the two of them together when they were young. And they showcase just how adorable the two of them were!

Hongjoong and Bumjoong | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter
Bumjoong and Hongjoong | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter
Bumjoong and Hongjoong | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

Here is the original tweet.

This video was also shared in the comments on the post, showing the two siblings’ similar behaviors!

ATINYs are loving the peek into the Kim brothers’ childhood.

We’re so glad that Hongjoong has become more comfortable sharing his brother with ATINYs!