These Behind-The Scenes Photos From ATEEZ’s Iconic “Rebels” Vogue Magazine Photoshoot Will Have You Swooning

They rock the bad boy aesthetic so well 😍

ATEEZ recently had a photoshoot with Vogue Magazine that had ATINYs gushing over their gorgeous bad boy visuals. Each of the members were styled after iconic films, which they all pulled off beautifully.

Earlier today, KQ Entertainment released behind-the-scenes photos from the photoshoot that are just as gorgeous as the official pictures, showing just the kind of visual kings that ATEEZ’s members are!

They shared a couple of photos from the full group portion of the photoshoot, including a cute interaction between Hongjoong and Wooyoung.

Next were photos from each member’s individual photoshoot!

Hongjoong had a couple of pictures released, one of which was similar to the The Place Beyond the Pines-inspired photo that Vogue released… And a couple that were a bit sillier but very endearing!

Seonghwa had a couple of photos released as well, which just screamed the edgy and gorgeous Bullitt-inspired aesthetics that he was trying to portray.

The rest of the members each had just one behind-the-scenes photo released, all of which were just as beautiful as the official photos in the magazine.

Yunho‘s photoshoot was inspired by Romeo and Juliet, which suited the handsome idol and actor perfectly!

Yeosang‘s images were inspired by Rebel Without A Cause, and he pulled off the role so well that he looks like he could have definitely been in the film himself.

San‘s Fight Club-inspired photo was a particular favorite among fans, and the additional photo released by KQ Entertainment will only have ATINYs swooning harder.

Mingi was the perfect choice for a photoshoot inspired by Top Gun, and we’d love to see him in this kind of style in the future as well!

Wooyoung looked like he could have stepped right out of the 1950s in his Grease-inspired photos, with his personality shining through in his confident aura!

And finally, Jongho looked every bit the mature and handsome maknae he is with his photoshoot inspired by My Own Private Idaho.

Whether they’re taking pictures for an official photoshoot or just taking casual selfies, ATEEZ’s members are always visual kings 😍

Source: Naver