ATEEZ’s Jongho Is Going Viral On Social Media… For Sitting

The power this man holds!

ATEEZ kicked off their The Fellowship: Break the Wall tour with a two-night concert in Seoul on October 29 and 30, blowing fans away with their incredible talent and charisma.

Much to ATINYs delight, the group included the iconic B-side track “Cyberpunk” from their most recent album, The World EP.1: Movement, in their setlist for the show.

“Cyberpunk” has become a fan favorite since it was released back in July, and was even given an epic choreography for ATEEZ’s world tour.

Each member stood out in their own way during the performance, but one particular fancam has been attracting more attention than others, and it might not be what you’d expect!

Jongho (ATEEZ) | SBS

In a fancam taken of Seonghwa — who absolutely owned the performance himself — one section that shows Jongho sitting in a casual but undeniably powerful way has captured fans hearts and went viral on social media. Here is the original fancam…

And here is the clip of Jongho.

At this time, the video has around 370k views, and the number keeps rising at a rapid pace. It’s incredible that something as simple as ATEEZ’s maknae sitting could get so much attention, but we can’t blame ATINYs for watching it over and over 👀


The quote retweets of the original post are highly relatable too.

We can’t wait to see what other ATEEZ moments go viral as they continue their world tour, which continues tonight Oakland, California!


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