ATEEZ’s Jongho And Seonghwa Prove Their Live Vocals Are On Another Level In Special “Utopia” Stage

“Absolute vocal kings!”

ATEEZ have been consistently recognized for their exceptional performance talent, and a recent performance once again proved that no one is doing it like them.

ATEEZ | @sbsmtvtheshow/Twitter

ATEEZ gave a special stage on SBS‘s The Show to celebrate its 300th episode, where all the members shone effortlessly and proved their status as one of the leading performance groups in the world.

| The K-POP/YouTube 

While all the members are impressive vocalists, especially in live performances…

Jongho and Seonghwa in particular delivered a truly impressive vocal performance. As one of the leading vocalists of his generation, Jongho gained praise for his impeccably stable vocals…

…with ATINYs pointing out that his performance of “Utopia” is something truly special.

Similarly, Seonghwa hit his high notes effortlessly, showing off his incredible talent as one of ATEEZ’s lead vocalists.

ATEEZ are known for their passionate performances, and fans pointed out that Seonghwa seems to truly embody that passion in the way he delivers his parts.

In fact, he later on spilled to ATINYs that he had practiced the high notes so much in the past 4 days that it had made him dizzy!

As MTV Asia concluded, Jongho and Seonghwa are true vocal kings who can be relied on to give truly top-notch performances.

If you haven’t seen it yet, watch the full “Utopia” stage on the link below!