ATEEZ’s Members Are Once Again Praised For Their Kind Hearts By Mom LABOUM’s Yulhee On “Return Of Superman”

Wherever they go, ATEEZ’s members are loved ❤

On the most recent episode of ongoing variety series The Return of Superman: Baby CloudATEEZ members SeonghwaSan, and Wooyoung got to play with the three adorable children of former LABOUM‘s Yulhee and FTISLAND‘s Minhwan.

The couple’s children include their oldest, a son named Jaeyul, and a pair of twin girls named Arin and Ahyoon.


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In the preview for the episode, it was mentioned that ATEEZ’s members have a reputation for being intimidating or even scary because of the intensity of their performances and their recent darker concepts. However, the three members appearing on a show with young children was the perfect opportunity for them to prove that they are absolute sweethearts and nothing to be afraid of!

San, Seonghwa, & Wooyoung (ATEEZ) | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

From playing with bubbles together to letting the twins paint their toenails, the ATEEZ members were adorably sweet and gentle with the babies.

Wooyoung (ATEEZ)
Seonghwa (ATEEZ)

In fact, the children loved the members so much that when it was time to wrap up filming and go home, Arin said she wanted to go with “uncle” Wooyoung instead!

Seonghwa also talked about how much he’d prepared in advance for the episode, including learning their favorite songs and buying gifts that he thought they would enjoy.

The three K-Pop idols left such a good impression on Yulhee that she later went on to post about the episode on her Instagram. She had nothing but praise and kind words for the ATEEZ members, and how they went above and beyond to make it a great experience for the kids.


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Caption: #Ch’i’ld Cloud #ReturnofSuperman
My dear Jaeyul and the twins miss these uncles and still talk about them. Throughout the shoot, ATEEZ uncles took great care of my kids and made sure they had a lot of fun, which I truly appreciated. It really touched my heart… We were outside for the shoot, so it was quite exhausting. But even during breaks, they kept carrying the kids and making it all a good time. My kids had so much fun that they were sad when the shoot was over. They did not want to go home…

It was extra sweet of the ATEEZ uncles to think about what my kids might like and prepare so much before meeting them.  For more, please check out “Return of Superman” YouTube’s “Child Could”!

This is far from the first time that ATEEZ’s members have been praised for their kind, gentle, and humble personalities. It seems that wherever they go, everyone from fellow idols to staff members to fans and non-fans alike have nothing but good things to say about them, which is a real testament to their true personalities.

Fans left some sweet comments on Yulhee’s post, both in regards to the ATEEZ members’ behavior as well as how wonderful the children were!

You can watch the entire episode of The Return of Superman: Baby Cloud featuring ATEEZ here!

Source: Reddit