Each ATEEZ Member’s Reaction To Staff Pranks Perfectly Matches Their Personalities

Poor Mingi 😂

April Fools’ Day is often taken advantage of in the K-Pop industry, both in terms of idols fooling their fans and each other, or sometimes, idols getting fooled themselves!

ATEEZ‘s members didn’t escape this fate. On the prank-heavy day, each of the members was brought into a room to supposedly watch a new intro for KQ Entertainment to celebrate their 2,000th day since opening. However, they had other things coming for them.

| @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

The clip that they were watching had a jumpscare at the end, and not only that, but a fake cockroach was placed on the back of the laptop they were using so that they would see it when they closed the screen!

Needless to say, the ensuing reactions were hilarious, and spot-on for each member’s personality.

Hongjoong may be ATEEZ’s fearless captain, but even he still gets frightened sometimes! He had a smaller reaction to the video scare than the bug scare, which somehow seems right 😂 He was also quick to laugh at himself!

Seonghwa, ATEEZ’s oldest member, is a sensitive guy with a kind heart, and his reaction wasn’t over-the-top, but it was really endearing, especially with his cute embarrassed laugh at the end!

Yunho doesn’t startle easily, so it’s not a surprise that he didn’t have a big reaction, but staff probably feel successful that they did get him to flinch!

Sweetheart Yeosang had one of the more expressive reactions to the prank, but he was also quick to laugh at himself after the scares!

San may seem intimidating on stage, but he’s definitely a softie at heart, and apart from one other member, he had the strongest reaction to the prank 😂 They even got him with a rubber chicken scare as he was leaving!

Poor Mingi, ATEEZ’s gentle giant and all-around cutie, definitely had the biggest reaction to the scares! The “annyeonghaseyo” edit for the cockroach was peak comedy, too 😂

Despite his own frightened reaction, Mingi was quick to check in on how San did 🥺

Playful and mischievous Wooyoung ended up cursing in his reaction, which required the staff to edit part of it out!

Jongho isn’t known as ATEEZ’s fearless maknae for no reason, and he was the only member to show absolutely no reaction to the pranks!

Fans are talking about how they themselves would have reacted compared to the ATEEZ members 😂

You can watch the whole prank video here!