ATEEZ’s Mingi Opens Up On How He Turns The Pressures Of Being In The Public Eye Into A Something Postitive

Though it was a burden at first, Mingi turned it into something positive.

The members of ATEEZ recently worked with Singles Korea where they participated in a stunning pictorial as well as an interesting interview!

Along with their pictorial and interview, each member had their own gorgeous pictorial as well as their own short interview.

In the group’s talented maknae’s interview portion, Mingi discussed how his debut as a singer, of course, fulfilled his dream but also put a lot of pressure on his shoulders. 

I debuted to show people my dance and vocal. But it is true that I hadn’t thought too deeply about how celebrities are expected to be more responsible and lead flawless lifestyles. I’ve always wanted live as free as a bird, so these expectations felt like a huge burden at one point. But now I think they’re good for me. Having to live up to so many expectations means I have so much room for improvement at all times.

— Mingi

Despite the burden, Mingi shared that the eyes on him and the pressure it comes with is actually a good thing. Instead of merely being negatively affected by the weight, Mingi revealed that it gives him chances to grow: “I also feel fortunate. It also means that there is always an opportunity for growth.”

It seems like Mingi enjoys the millions of adoring people in his and stated is aware of how his mood can impact those watching.

I’m always fully aware of the love and support I get from my fans. Before COVID-19, I would sense it from the look on their faces when I saw them in the audience at concerts. Now I sense it from the flood of comments I get on social media. It’s incredible to have people who are happy when I’m happy and sad when I’m sad.

— Mingi

Source: Singles Korea