ATEEZ Just Made History On The PSY Episode Of “Immortal Songs”

Legend behavior.

Immortal Songs is a Korean weekly competition show with each episode featuring different musical artists, from K-Pop groups to legendary solo artists, competing against each other. There’s always some kind of theme, either an iconic singer or a broader concept, and the contestants each perform their own reinterpreted song that fits the theme.

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On the most recent episode on May 22, the featured artist of the episode was K-Pop legend PSY for his 20th anniversary since he debuted!

Five artists participated in this episode: Swings, who performed “Champion”;  Kim Feel, who performed “Refuge”; Jessi, who performed “I Luv It”; ATEEZ, who performed “Right Now”; and Giriboy & Heize, who performed “What Would Have Been”.

Giriboy & Heize

PSY himself had a lot of praise for each of the performing artists, but it was ATEEZ in particular that he seemed to be the most curious about.

I’m really curious about ATEEZ singing one of my songs. ATEEZ is said to be one of the best performers right now.


After the K-Pop group completed their performance, PSY gave ATEEZ a standing ovation, and only had praise for them.

All of my junior artists do their best, but ATEEZ’s specialty is that they work hard and do well. They’re the next-generation K-Pop leaders.


All of the participating artists did an incredible job, with the last two finalists of the episode being ATEEZ and Giriboy & Heize. In the end, ATEEZ ended up taking home the win for this episode!

This was a big deal for a number of reasons, even beyond PSY’s praise.

This is now the third time that ATEEZ has won Immortal Songs, making them the fastest group on the show to reach that number, as well as the only fourth generation group to do so. They had previously won the Rain episode on February 6 earlier this year, as well as the Kim Jongkook/Turbo episode back on August 29 last year.

They are also now tied with MAMAMOO, a legendary girl group, for having the highest number of wins on Immortal Songs!

It’s even more impressive considering how busy their schedules are right now with their participation on Kingdom, as well as some of the members involved in the K-Drama Imitation along with other projects.

Congratulations to ATEEZ, and here’s to even more victories for them in the future!

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