ATEEZ’s San Drives Fans Wild With Buff Physique In All-Denim Look

Wooyoung looks stunning too!

ATEEZ‘s San recently started trending on social media due to a short clip of him dressed in an all-denim outfit that showed off his incredible physique.

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A lot of popular posts showed the images and clip without context, and that on its own was enough to make fans go wild!

There were a lot of relatable reactions to the post, and a lot of them were hilarious as well.

It turns out that the clip is from a video that both San and Wooyoung filmed with VOGUE KOREA, and both of the ATEEZ members look great (if total opposites) in the teaser video! The whole video is a “Agree to Disagree” interview with the duo, which includes some sneak peeks of photoshoots done with besties WooSan.

Reactions to the clip were just as amusing and relatable as the reactions to San on his own!

You can watch the whole episode of “Agree To Disagree” with WooSan below!


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