ATEEZ’s San Got “Exposed” For Having A Girlfriend… But There’s A Plot Twist

Netizens got bamboozled 😂

Recently, a rumor began spreading around online that ATEEZ‘s San had been “exposed” for having a girlfriend, with a photo of the alleged pair shared as evidence.


The photo began trending on an online forum — which appears to have since been deleted — with comments wondering why the ATEEZ member was being so “open” about being seen “dating” someone.

The photo in question | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

The rumor wasn’t allowed to get very far, however, because it was quickly clarified that it wasn’t San’s girlfriend in the photo.

In fact, it wasn’t even a girl, or someone that fans of ATEEZ wouldn’t know. It was fellow member Yeosang, who has recently been growing out his hair and was mistaken by some to be a woman in the picture (which was posted on ATEEZ’s official social media accounts)!

ATINYs are getting a kick out of the misunderstanding, and have been making plenty of jokes about it online!

San and Yeosang do have a very close and affectionate relationship with each other, which makes the “rumor” all the more amusing.

Despite this “rumor”, no one’s reputation was really damaged, and we hope San and Yeosang themselves thought the entire thing was as amusing as we do!