ATEEZ San’s Grandfather Has Passed Away

May he rest in peace.

ATEEZ‘s San‘s grandfather has passed away.

On Friday, May 28, KQ Entertainment announced that the idol’s grandfather had passed, though the cause of his passing hasn’t been stated.

It’s well-known among ATEEZ fans that San spent more time with his grandparents than his own parents while he was growing up, and he had a very close relationship with his grandfather.


To give San time to travel to his hometown Namhae and be with his family during this difficult time, he will be absent from the online ATEEZ fan signing scheduled for this Sunday, May 30.

The “MAP THE EXTRAORDINAIRE ATEEZ WITH PERRIER” event that was planned for the same day will also be postponed to a later date.

Read KQ Entertainment’s full statement here:

Hello, this is KQ Entertainment.

ATEEZ member San’s grandfather has passed away today.

That being said, San will not be able to participate in the global online fan meeting “ATEEZ ZERO: FEVER Part 2” scheduled to be hosted this Sunday by MyMusicTaste.

The other 6 members will attend the fan meeting as planned. San’s fan meeting video calls will be rescheduled, which then will be updated individually once set.

Also, the “MAP THE EXTRAORDINAIRE ATEEZ WITH PERRIER” event scheduled for the same day will be rescheduled and updated by email. We thank you for your understanding.

We send our condolences to San and his family for their loss. Please wish him peace through the difficult time. Thank you.

— KQ Entertainment


We are sending San our love and support with all of the ATINYs who cherish him and mourn his loss as well.

Source: KQ Entertainment


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