ATEEZ’s “Stage Genius” San Is Being Praised For His Incredible “Guerrilla” Fancam

The stage genius strikes again!

ATEEZ recently had a comeback with the album The World EP.1: Movement and it’s title track, “Guerrilla”. The group got really experimental with their songs for this release, and it suits them so well!

The members of ATEEZ are known for their incredible performances, and the live stages for “Guerrilla” are no exception. They never fail to put all of their energy into their performance, and even with a song as intense as this comeback, that’s still the case!

San, in particular, is often praised for how he acts on stage, and it’s easy to see why. Between the intensity he puts into his dancing, his incredible vocals, and his captivating facial expressions, it’s impossible to look away from him when he’s in the spotlight.


Recently, the individual fancams for the members during their “Guerrilla” stage on Inkigayo were posted on YouTube, and all of them look phenomenal!

Seonghwa (ATEEZ)

A post on Reddit, however, discusses San’s fancam specifically, and the comments replying to the original post show just how awe-inspired people are of the ATEEZ member.

In a group as incredible as ATEEZ, every member stands out for a reason, and San shines bright as a lead vocalist and stage genius!

Source: Reddit