ATEEZ’s San Is Taking Visuals To Another Level — Leaving Even Yeosang Impressed With His Physique

“Choi San is a work of art.”

ATEEZ‘s world tour so far has had everyone from ATINYs to security guards hyped at concerts. And fans can’t help but notice that San continues to raise the standard with his mastery of performance… and his god-tier visuals, leaving even Yeosang impressed.

San has always been known for his powerful stage presence. He is so committed to his performance that fans are rightfully proud of him for being one of the leading performers in the industry!

His facial expressions never fail to make everyone shook.

And neither do his vocals! While San’s dancing often tends to take the spotlight, his vocal talent is no joke.


But San also rounds out all his great qualities with some next-level visuals, which he has put on full display during ATEEZ’s 2022 world tour, THE FELLOWSHIP: BEGINNING OF THE END. His performance of “Take Me Home” is a particularly memorable one…

…and it has had fans joking about the total transformation San has undergone since his predebut days.

Even Yeosang couldn’t help admiring San’s beefy arms!

Not that anyone can blame him. San’s body proportions are truly unreal.

ATINYs may have a point in calling him a work of art!

With the absolute looks he continues to serve…

…and with the insane level of performance talent that he has, San more than deserves to be recognized as a standout in the industry!