Former Schoolmate Of ATEEZ’s Seonghwa Reveals How Amazing And Popular He Was

Now, many fans all over the world are crushing on him!

A former schoolmate of ATEEZ‘s Seonghwa stepped up to speak about how amazing he was, even back in elementary school! She revealed that she was in the same class as him back then.

Seonghwa was in the dance team and was known for always going to auditions and being passionate about dancing. She praised him for being different from other kids their age as he was hardworking towards his goals. She also revealed that many girls had crushes on him… including her friend! Because of this, she got to catch many glimpses of Seonghwa too.

| Nate Pann

She shared a cute incident where Seonghwa fell down the stairs, but simply got up and brushed himself off before going on his way. To her, he seemed robotic with how unhurt he was, but her friend found it adorable! She realized later on that his face was completely red even as he acted as if nothing had happened.

| Nate Pann

The former schoolmate revealed that his dance team was famous around the district and whenever they performed at festivals, everyone went to watch. Kids would only talk about Seonghwa afterwards! She firmly praised his skills and talent even as a young kid, and revealed he was a good kid in school.

The former schoolmate uploaded proof shots from their yearbook, but decided to only upload partially obscured shots in order to protect his rights. She shared that he was handsome and tall even back then!

| Nate Pann

What a sweet schoolmate!

Source: Nate Pann


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