ATEEZ’s Seonghwa & San Prove To Be The Most Chaotic ASMR Artists In Recent Livestream

Seonghwa went especially wild 😂

Last night, ATEEZ‘s San held a livestream to talk with fans and just hang out in a comfortable and relaxing setting.

Partway through the livestream, fellow member Seonghwa also joined him.

The two got into an assortment of shenanigans, as they are prone to doing, and it was definitely an entertaining time!

Near the end of the stream, the topic of ASMR came up. And of course, the chaotic “Sanhwa” duo couldn’t help but do a little ASMR of their own.

San starts off by aggressively crinkling a water bottle. Then, Seonghwa finds a plastic-wrapped cup to tap… But he doesn’t stop there. He then pounds the bottom of the cup against the camera, causing San to burst into laughter!

ATINYs are getting a kick out of the impromptu moment from the livestream, and so are we 😂

The quote retweets are chaotic as well.

You can watch the entire livestream below! The ASMR part happens around the 46:45 mark.