ATEEZ Takes Over The Olympics Again With B-Sides “Win” And “The Leaders” Played During Event

ATEEZ is winning along with the athletes!

Yesterday, fans of ATEEZ were ecstatic about four of the group’s songs — “Dreamers”, “Fireworks (I’m The One)”, “Wonderland”, and “Wave” — playing during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

At that point, they’d already become the most-played fourth-generation K-Pop artist at the event, which is a huge deal, especially for such a relatively young group! The hashtag #OLYMPICS_LOVES_ATEEZ was even trending for several hours.

Today, ATINYs are once again taking to Twitter to scream in excitement, because more of the group’s songs have been heard during a match between the South Korea and Dominican Republic women’s volleyball teams!

What’s even more exciting is that, along with “Wave” being played once again, there were also two B-sides from the group — “Win” and “The Leaders” — that were heard as well!

“Win” was also played again at the end of the match when the South Korea team won, which is an extremely appropriate song for the achievement!

Fans have also learned that the songs played during events are reportedly requested by the athletes themselves when they score points! Given that ATEEZ’s songs oftentimes have a powerful, triumphant feeling and message to them, it makes sense for the victors to feel empowered by them.

Once again, some of the reactions from passionate ATINYs were emotional, and understandably so.

The #OLYMPICS_LOVES_ATEEZ hashtag is trending again as well, along with “WE’RE GONNA WIN”, which are lyrics from “Win”!

ATINYs are so incredibly proud of ATEEZ, and we can only wait and see just how many more of this phenomenal group’s music is featured in future events during the Olympics!

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