ATEEZ Absolutely Owned Gaon’s Albums Chart This Week

Plus, the six other artists that made the top 10!

The Gaon Albums chart lists the best-selling albums in South Korea over certain periods of time, including daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. When it comes to the weekly chart, it’s usually topped by recently released albums, and while there are some on the chart this week that fit those criteria, there are others that definitely don’t!


At the #1 position on the chart this week is SEVENTEEN‘s brand-new album, Your Choice, released on June 18. This shouldn’t surprise anyone that has followed the album’s sales — in the first week alone, it sold over 1.36 million copies, already making it their second best-selling album (with Heng:garae still their best-selling at 1.44 million, so Your Choice could easily catch up).

SEVENTEEN’s latest album is also now one of the best-selling of 2021 so far, and the title track, “Ready To Love”, will likely hit the top 40 on Gaon’s Digital chart next week.

Second on the Gaon Albums chart is GOT7 member BamBam‘s debut album, riBBON, released on June 15. Considering this is a solo debut album, it’s extremely impressive that he made it all the way to #2 on this chart for his debut on it!

Another impressive debut on the chart this week is Brave Girls‘ newest album, Summer Queen. The resurgence in popularity that these girls have seen since their 2017 song “Rollin'” became viral has been nothing short of phenomenal, and their latest EP debuts at #3 on this chart.

The title track of the album, “Chi Mat Ba Ram”, is also worth recognizing for its achievements on Gaon’s charts this week: It’s the second best-selling single in South Korea this week, and also ranked at #14 on the Gaon Digital chart!

An album that leaped up unexpectedly this week is NCT Dream‘s latest album, Hot Sauce. When it was released back on May 10 it quickly took the chart by storm with over a million sales, but this week it landed the top 10 once again by taking the #4 place!

The #5 place is where ATEEZ starts their reign as the artist with the most albums on the chart this week. Interestingly, their highest-ranking album this week, at #5, is their June 2019 release Treasure EP.3: One To All. This was the album that featured “Wave” as the title track among other very warm and summery songs, so that could be why it skyrocketed this week!

Their next highest-charting album is Treasure EP.Fin: All to Action, released in October 2019 with the title song “Wonderland”. It takes the #7 ranking on the chart.

Finally, #9 and #10 go to their albums Treasure EP.1: All to Zero (their debut album released in October 2018 with the title songs “Pirate King” and “Treasure’) and ZERO: FEVER Part.1 (released in July 2020 with the title songs “Inception” and “THANXX”) respectively.

Going back to #6, soloist B.I makes his return to his previous peak on the chart with his debut album Waterfall, originally released earlier this month on June 1 with the title track “illa illa”.

And finally, ranking at #8 on the chart this week is UP10TION with their second full-length studio album, Connection, released on June 14 with the title track “SPIN OFF”.

Congratulations to all of these best-selling K-Pop acts this week!