ATEEZ Treats Fans With A New Heartfelt Song For ATINYs’ Second Anniversary

Jongho’s high note though??

On November 17, 2018, the then newly-debuted group ATEEZ announced the name for their fandom, ATINY.

The word was created by combining the words “ATEEZ” and “destiny”, and it signifies that the future of ATEEZ is to be together with their fans. It beat out several other potential fandom names, including AZEET, TREASURE, ZEETA, and ZEETZ.

Now, on the second anniversary of this special date for the K-Pop group, ATEEZ has gifted their fans with a surprise special new song called “Celebrate”.

Not only that, but they released a lyrics video for the song as well, and it features hand-written lyrics from the members themselves to more personally express how much their fans mean to them.

Obviously, fans are incredibly touched by this sweet gesture from ATEEZ.

This isn’t the first time ATEEZ has released new music on special anniversaries, either. “Stay” came out on the same day as the fandom name was announced, and “Star 1117” was released last year on their first anniversary since debut.

Fans will have even more events to look forward to throughout the day as well, according to this graphic!


Happy anniversary to ATEEZ and ATINY! Here’s to many more wonderful years together.