ATEEZ’s Resident Flirt Wooyoung Gets Playful With An ATINY During A Fansign

We’re blushing just watching the clip!

Any ATINY could tell you that certain members of ATEEZ can get quite flirty with fans, with Wooyoung arguably at the top of that list.

Whether it’s with their fans or with his fellow members (or even members of other groups, like TXT or Stray Kids!), Wooyoung has the kind of confidence that allows him to flirt with pretty much anyone.

Recently, an ATINY was treated to Wooyoung’s flirting during an online fansign that they got to participate in!

The fan asked Wooyoung to guess who their bias was based on their appearance, and the ATEEZ member gave what is probably the most playful and flirty answer possible.

As could be expected, ATINYs couldn’t contain their reactions to this adorable interaction 😂

Knowing Wooyoung, he will probably be flirting with someone again before too long, but it’s a delight to get to see it every time!


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