“I’m Not Interested”: ATEEZ’s Wooyoung Calls Out Sasaengs During Live Broadcast

He had enough of it.

ATEEZ‘s Wooyoung called out sasaengs during a recent live broadcast.

ATEEZ’s Wooyoung

For context, sasaeng (사생팬) is the Korean term for an obsessive or stalker fan. It originates from the Korean words sa (사), meaning “private,” and saeng (생팬), meaning “life.” These types of fans go to extreme lengths and do not respect the private lives of K-Pop idols.

Recently, Wooyoung stood up for himself against sasaengs during a live broadcast via YouTube. During it, Wooyoung called out recurring problematic instances he had noticed.

Wooyoung read many comments from viewers asking for other members. So, he mentioned it, pointing out that it had been a while since he held a live broadcast.

But before his live broadcast ended, Wooyoung also raised a critical issue regarding sasaengs. He nicely asked them to stop sending texts and messages via KakaoTalk as it has worsened, causing him stress.

I was originally not gonna say this, but these days it’s very extreme, so I’ll say this exactly once- stop sending KakaoTalk and texts.. it’s very stressful; It’s not nice… Don’t do it.. Got it right? I’m not interested.

— Wooyoung

The clip went viral on X (formerly Twitter) with 116.3K views at the time of writing, with ATINYs supporting Wooyoung. This is also not the first time Wooyoung has unapologetically called out sasaengs for this behavior. Previously, he told a sasaeng to stop calling Jongho during their live broadcast.

We’re proud of Wooyoung for setting much-needed boundaries, although he shouldn’t have to ask that people respect the members’ private lives.


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