ATEEZ’s Wooyoung Shared The “Fate” Of The Kraken From Their “Kingdom: Legendary War” Performance

They have a storyline for everything!

One of ATEEZ‘s most iconic moments during their time on Kingdom: Legendary War was when the Kraken appeared during their performance of “From the Wonderland”.

The epic scene of Seonghwa slaying the giant creature is one that will go down in history as an awe-inspiring part of the group’s career, and it captivated fans and non-fans alike!

During a recent interview with the newsletter The Ringer, a good portion of their time was spent talking about this performance. It was the song that they opened up each of their concerts with during the American leg of their world tour, The Fellowship: Beginning of the End, and Hongjoong explained their choice for their opening act.

‘Wonderland’ was the last song of our concert two years ago in Seoul. This concert is called The Beginning of the End, so we flipped it around and opened with ‘Wonderland.’

— Hongjoong

Unfortunately, though they wanted to replicate the Kingdom performance as much as they could, the Kraken herself turned out to be too big and incompatible with the tour stages.

Instead, Seonghwa replaced his rifle with an equally dramatic sword, which was a delightful surprise to fans watching the live show as he twirled it around masterfully.

It’s actually really hard to swing it. Holding the ending pose too—he had to practice a lot.”

— Hongjoong

But the Kraken was not simply forgotten! In order to make the absence of the sea monster fit into their ongoing storyline, Wooyoung shared the “fate” of the giant beast during the interview.

We ate her.

— Wooyoung

It’s a fitting conclusion for the Kraken after battling against our brave crew of pirates!

Source: The Ringer