ATEEZ’s Wooyoung And Stray Kids’ Changbin Finally Reunite At The ISAC 2022, And It Was Complete Chaos

Alkong and Dalkong are back!

Even though it seems like the idea of “fan wars” is still very prominent in K-Pop, nobody wants to shut down those ideas more than the idols themselves.

It seems like a day doesn’t go by without idols interacting with each other, and one fan favorite has always been the duo of ATEEZ‘s Wooyoung and Stray KidsChangbin.

ATEEZ’s Wooyoung | @ateez_official_/Instagram
Stray Kids’ Changbin | @realstraykids/Instagram

Over the years, the duo has treated netizens with some of the most iconic and chaotic interactions in K-Pop.

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They’ve never been afraid to chat about their friendship with each other and it’s truly been heartwarming to see.

In particular, netizens were obsessed with the duo of “Lovey” and “Dovey” during Mnet‘s Kingdom. Since then, it seems like the two idols, along with another bestie TXT‘s Yeonjun, have never stopped showcasing their love for each other.

| Mnet/YouTube
| Mnet/YouTube

Both ATEEZ and Stray Kids have been very busy during the past few months with tours and comebacks, so there hasn’t been much of a chance to interact in person… until now!

Over the past few days, idols of all ages and companies have come together for the return of the iconic Idol Star Athletic Championships. It has always been the perfect place for idols to interact, and Wooyoung and Changbin have been no exception.

This year, both groups are participating in the events, and their fans have been on hand to share support for the members. In particular, one event that both groups participated in was archery, and they were competing against each other.

Although neither Changbin nor Wooyoung were participating in the event, they joined the rest of the group to cheer on their members.

At one point, ATEEZ’s Yeosang scored a ten for his turn, and the crowd went crazy, with Mingi even picking up a chair and running around the venue to share his excitement.

| @fvcksbs/Twitter

Yet, in the same video, ATINY and STAYs noticed another hilarious moment between Wooyoung and Changbin. After seeing the results, Wooyoung was seen pointing at someone, and it looked like he was doing some trash talking, but there wasn’t a clear shot of everything that happened.

Luckily, K-Pop fans are always there to document everything. It seems like Wooyoung was being sassy towards Changbin, who must’ve been “upset” that his member had lost to Yeosang.

| @fvcksbs/Twitter

The duo was seen having some fun and pretending to be angry at each other with their words and actions.

| @dragonbless9/Twitter

Of course, when the videos were shared, netizens couldn’t get over the interactions between the duo.

For many, the best thing about the ISACs is the interactions between the idols, and even more if they’re already known as true besties. Wooyoung and Changbin were no exception…

Although the filming of the event has ended, there will definitely be more iconic interactions between idols that are shared by netizens. It was a shame that Yeonjun wasn’t there, as they were in America for their tour and Lollapalooza. Yet, hopefully, it isn’t too long before their next interaction.

You can read more about their iconic friendship below.

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