Here’s The Real Story Behind The Epic Selfie With TXT’s Yeonjun, ATEEZ’s Wooyoung And Stray Kids’ Changbin

Name a more iconic trio… we’ll wait!

Although many netizens have called K-Pop a cutthroat world where idols are consistently trying to outdo each other to get to the top, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, there is nothing fans love more than seeing their favorite idols interact with each other and finding out they are friends.

One particular trio that has always caught the attention of netizens for their epic friendship is ATEEZ‘s Wooyoung, TXT‘s Yeonjun, and Stray KidsChangbin.

ATEEZ’s Wooyoung (left) and Stray Kids’ Chanbin (center)
TXT’s Yeonjun (left) and ATEEZ’s Wooyoung (right)

Since the groups debuted, fans have been treated to adorable interactions between the idols, whether it was the duo of “Alkong” and “Dalkong” during Mnet‘s Kingdom

| Mnet/YouTube 

Or Yeonjun phoning Wooyoung up during his birthday live broadcast and calling him “honey”…


More recently, fans have been talking about the trio’s friendship because of a selfie. Changbin showed his phone during a broadcast earlier in the month, and eagle-eyed viewers immediately noticed something in his case.

While most K-Pop fans have photocards of their favorite idols in their case, Changbin had a selfie of himself with Wooyoung and Yeonjun.

| Stray Kids/ VLIVE

As soon as the image was shared, fans immediately wanted to know more. They wanted a high-quality version of the picture and wanted to hear the story behind it because it is the perfect thing for a K-Pop multi-stan!

Luckily, January 17 (KST) brought some of the answers fans were looking for. Ahead of the start of their American leg of their tour, Wooyoung and youngest member Jongho went live.

Wooyoung (left) and Jongho (right) | ATEEZ/ YouTube

During the broadcast, netizens finally got a proper glimpse of the photo as Wooyoung took the polaroid out of his phone and showcased it to fans watching.

| ATEEZ/ YouTube 

If that wasn’t enough, in Korea, Yeonjun also did a live broadcast and was asked about that iconic selfie. When MOAs asked about it, Yeonjun explained that putting it in their phone case was a collective decision.

We all decided to put the picture in our phone case. It was a picture we decided to just take while talking!

— TXT’s Yeonjun


It was impossible not to notice the adorable smile on Yeonjun’s face as he explained, “They’re really good friends…


When the videos were shared, netizens couldn’t get over just how adorable the trio’s friendship is with them deciding to put it in their case for protection.

Although all of the different groups are busy with their schedules, it’s heartwarming to see that they still have time to meet up. Hopefully, they can do it again when they have some free time and even take netizens along on the journey.

You can read more about their epic friendship below.

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