TXT Yeonjun’s Comments On ATEEZ Wooyoung’s Live Has Everyone Loving Their Friendship

Yeonjun called him “my honey” 🥰

Whether ATEEZ‘s Wooyoung is sending caring messages to TXT‘s Yeonjun or they’re catching up with funny moments whenever their schedules overlap, the two aren’t shy about how close they are.


When Yeonjun recently tuned into Wooyoung’s live broadcast, his comments had fans loving their friendship.


During Wooyoung’s live broadcast, he shared the sweet text message he received from Yeonjun. Being the supportive bestie he is, Yeonjun said, “My honey is doing a [live].

Cracking a smile, Wooyoung asked, “How did you know?” Yeonjun once again made fans melt with his next words, “I know everything, honey.

Making the interaction between the close friends even cuter, Wooyoung said that Yeonjun even snapped a screenshot of the live broadcast and captioned it, “You’re such a cutie. What a darling.” The words were so sweet Wooyoung couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

From Yeonjun’s soft words to Wooyoung’s precious reaction, MOAs and ATINY loved their friendship and how casually they can call each other pet names. Fans will definitely look forward to more interactions between Yeonjun and his “honey” Wooyoung.

Source: Naver Live
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