An ATEEZ Fan Has The Ultimate Y/N Moment When Asking Yeosang On A Chicken Date

We all wish for a moment like this!

As much as ATEEZ‘s members are known for their performance abilities on-stage, they’re also known for giving their fans some great fanservice too!

And during the ongoing European leg of their The Fellowship: Break The Wall tour, lucky ATINYs have had some enviable interactions with the members while they’re performing.

A recent moment that happened earlier this month during one of their concert stops is suddenly getting a lot of attention on social media, thanks to how Yeosang reacted to a sign held by a fan!

Yeosang (ATEEZ)

The sign in question read, “Yeosang, chicken date?”, appealing to the K-Pop idol’s known love of eating chicken. And when Yeosang noticed the sign, this was his reaction!

It seems like the ATEEZ member was all for just heading out for food with the ATINY, giving them the kind of Y/N moment that we all wish we could have with our favorite K-Pop idol.


The ATINY with the sign actually got noticed twice by Yeosang during the concert!

Here’s how other ATINYs are reacting to the endearing interaction between Yeosang and the fan.

We love how ATEEZ’s members never fail to give their fans the time of their lives during their concerts!


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