ATEEZ’s Yeosang Is Going Viral For His Outfit And Visuals At KPOP LAND In Jakarta


On September 16, KPOP LAND was held in Jakarta, Indonesia as a “music festival celebrating love, peace, and a better world”. The line-up included ATEEZKARDWeeekly, VICTON, MONSTA X‘s Kihyun, and MADDOX, making for an amazing show!

ATEEZ, as always, gave the performance their all, pairing their incredible talent with their stunning visuals for a phenomenal stage.

While all of the members have been getting much-deserved attention on social media for the performance, Yeosang in particular has been going semi-viral due to his presence!

The muscular idol was dressed in a white button-up shirt, black tie, and black shorts, along with a black schoolgirl-like half-skirt over the top of the shorts and knee-high black boots. And he looked absolutely incredible in the ensemble.

ATEEZ’s members have never been shy about breaking gender norms with their fashion, and Yeosang looked totally confident and comfortable in the clothes he wore for the performance.

Fans couldn’t get over how incredible his stage presence was, and we’re envious of everyone who got to see him in person!

At least we were blessed enough to get to see his captivating visuals through social media!