ATEEZ Fans Call Out Fancall Participant For “Sexual Harassment” Against Yunho

If this was a female idol, there would be outrage.

For the most part, fan interactions with K-Pop idols during fanmeetings or fancalls are generally positive and enjoyable experiences for both the fans and the artists involved. It’s a chance for real-life interactions between an artist and those that support them, so most fans take the opportunity to show their love, appreciation, and gratitude for the idols they’re interacting with. And K-Pop idols do the same in return!

However, not all of these interactions end up going smoothly, and sometimes people even take advantage of such situations to harass or mock an artist. For example, a TikToker came under fire for their racist behavior and other rude comments towards ATEEZ during a fan meeting in 2021.

And now, a more recent interaction between ATEEZ’s Yunho and a netizen has been catching attention on social media due to comments made towards the idol during the fancall.

Yunho (ATEEZ)

For the fancall, Yunho was wearing a v-neck shirt that showed some of his chest. The person talking to him said that they knew they should be looking at his face, but that her eyes kept going elsewhere, presumably to Yunho’s exposed skin because he then puts his hand over his chest to hide it while looking embarrassed.

Fans are calling out the person for their words, saying that it was uncomfortable and could be considered sexual harassment.

They point out that if the roles were reversed, and it was a man commenting on a female idol’s chest, there would be a much larger outcry, but due to double standards this sort of comment to a male idol will likely be brushed off as nothing.

We hope that Yunho had plenty of other positive and enjoyable interactions with ATINYs that day, and that he wasn’t made too uncomfortable by the comment! We also hope that this doesn’t happen again in the future to any of ATEEZ’s members, or K-Pop idols in general.