ATEEZ Fans Desperately Want Main Dancer Yunho To Get More Well-Deserved Solo Opportunities

It’s definitely past time for him to get the spotlight!

All of ATEEZ‘s members are rightfully praised for their performance abilities, but they have a dance line for a reason, because there are some members that stand out even among such a talented group!

ATEEZ | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

Their “official” dance line consists of YunhoMingiYeosang, and Wooyoung, with Yunho usually considered the most technically skilled of the group (though the rest of the dance line are incredible too!).

However, it has been an opinion among ATEEZ fans for quite a while that Yunho doesn’t get the attention that he deserves for his dance abilities. In fact, he’s more often complimented for his (definitely handsome) visuals than anything else, which has misled some people into believing that’s his main position in the group!

While he does get a fair number of center positions in ATEEZ’s dances, fans have recently pointed out that despite the group being almost four years old, he has yet to really showcase his dance abilities on a solo level since before they debuted.

This original post on Twitter has sparked a passionate conversation about the subject.

And it’s not for lack of the other members being interested in doing smaller projects with Yunho either, as explained further in the Twitter thread.

Comments responding to the original post were heavily in agreement with their opinions on the matter.

Maybe we’ll get to see Yunho as Studio Choom’s “Artist of the Month” soon??