ATEEZ’s Jongho Suffers Leg Injury Due To Accident, Fans Express Concerns

Get better soon!

KQ Entertainment recently released a statement on the status of ATEEZ member Jongho while he was on break.

On February 27, the company posted on their official Twitter stating that the vocalist had been injured due to a vehicle accident. The tweet stated “ATEEZ member Jongho leg injury information” and linked to a fancafe post which was only available to certain members.

Fortunately, a Twitter user was able to retrieve the information for those who couldn’t read the post.

This comes only a few months after Jongho injured his ankle and had to sit for performances of “Wonderland” with the rest of the group.  Fans flocked to Twitter to express their well-wishes and hope for fast recovery for ATEEZ’s golden maknae with the hashtag #GetWellSoonJongho.

It’s nice to see that KQ Entertainment is going to allow the vocalist plenty of time to rest and recover, rather than rushing him back onto stage too quickly. Get better soon, Jongho!