Auction For BTS Jimin’s Unwashed Hanbok To Be Cancelled — Auction House Gives Statement

They explained why.

Previously, auction house Myart Auction, as well as Designer Kim Rieul, were criticized heavily for their auction of a stage outfit worn by BTS‘s Jimin. The outfit in question, a gorgeous traditional hanbok, was lent to Jimin for his performance on The Tonight Show by Designer Kim Rieul. However, due to rushed schedules, the styling team did not manage to dry clean the outfit before returning it to the atelier. It was explained by the designer in a short documentary on VIDEOMUG.

This outfit is touched and worn by Jimin. I didn’t even wash it… These are the clothes that still keep Jimin’s sweat and fragrance of that day.

­— Kim Rieul, VIDEOMUG

After persuasion, Myart Auction managed to convince Designer Kim Rieul to put the outfit up on sale. The auction house even publicized the product by claiming that it will be sold without washing, much to the ire of fans.

[Jimin’s outfit] was left unwashed after the performance and will be sold with Jimin’s body odor intact.

— Myart Auction, Maeil Business 

After the auction house and designer both received much criticism for the decision, it was announced on April 22, 2021, that the auction of Jimin’s hanbok has been canceled.

Designer Kim Rieul, who was the consignor, revealed that he felt a great burden due to this auction as he felt it could reflect a more commercialized aspect. We (Myart) have decided to cancel the auction after much consideration as the artist (Jimin) who wore the clothes is of world-class status and this type of commercial activity could hinder his image.

— Myart Auction

Although Designer Kim Rieul has taken the product off the Myart Auction market, consumers are still able to browse through his hanbok collection on the market. Myart Auction hopes that the public will be able to cheer on Designer Kim Rieul despite the decision, as their original motivation was to spread the beauty, culture, and value of the traditional Korean dress.

Source: Star Today