Audiences Are Split On Whether This Lip Balm Brand Deserves Credit For Sponsoring “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”

“You guys are giving them too much credit. They sponsor everything.”

Netizens are showing a mixed response to Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s latest product placement scene.

Park Eun Bin as Woo Young Woo | ENA

In episode 13, which aired on August 10, a lip balm product placement was shown. This is the second time the lip balm has been featured on the show, the first time being on episode 11.

Ha Yoon Kyung as Choi Soo Yeon | ENA

In the episode, Jung Myung Suk, Woo Young Woo, and Kwon Min Woo are seen traveling to Jeju-do with Dong Geurami and Kim Min Sik.

Kim Min Sik (left) and Joo Hyun Young (right) | ENA

The product placement scene occured when Dong Geurami and Kwon Min Woo met at the airport. Dong Geurami, upon locking eyes with Kwon Min Woo, hurriedly takes out her lip balm, which is the same KAHI lip balm that was featured in episode 11.

Civic News revealed in an interview with the product placement director of the drama that KAHI was the only brand that decided to sponsor the drama.

Because the drama was written by a new writer and the female character suffered from a disability, it was difficult to secure sponsors. The only brand that decided to invest was the lip balm brand.

— Extraordinary Attorney Woo Product Placement director

Netizens showed a mixed response. Some netizens praised the lip balm company for having an eye for good dramas, while others claimed the lip balm company sponsors every drama and just got lucky.

  • “KAHI is amazing.”
  • “Well, it is true that KAHI is the only one that sponsored them.”
  • “Wow, KAHI has a good eye for quality dramas.”
  • “KAHI did well, but rather than having a good eye, I think they are just sponsoring all the dramas.”
  • “KAHI has a good eye, lol. They sponsored a drama others passed on, which means they have a good eye and a lot of money, lol. I wonder if they make as much as they spend on marketing.”
  • “You guys are giving them too much credit. They sponsor everything.”
  • “What do you mean they have a good eye? They just sponsor everyone who will take their money.”

What are your thoughts? Was it the lip balm brand’s good eye that caused them to sponsor the drama, or did the lip balm company just sponsor the drama because they sponsor every drama?

KAHI product placements in drama | Stibee
Source: Civic News and Theqoo