Even “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Can’t Escape The KAHI Balm Product Placement

It’s everywhere!

You may not have heard of the brand KAHI, but you’ve probably seen their little pink sticks all over the media. Not only do they frequently pop up as PPL (product placement) in K-Dramas, they even once made a surprising crossover appearance in Ava Max‘s music video.

| Ava Max

As Kim Go Eun is their model, it most frequently appeared in her dramas such as Yumi’s Cells

| tvN

…and The King: Eternal Monarch.


This time, even trending drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo failed to escape it.

As a drama on cable channel ENA, and as a drama that touches on more serious topics, viewers fully didn’t expect KAHI’s PPL to appear. It seems that viewers were more entertained than fazed this time around.

Netizen reactions to the PPL. | theqoo
  • “It’s just so funny LOL Applying it to an already made-up forehead and neck, even to your lips. Well, this level recently is just whatever…”
  • “Ah…is it KAHI again”
  • “Honestly KAHI feels like it just inserts itself into every drama.”
  • “I really hate the brand KAHI”
  • “KAHI is just hilarious now LOL”

One thing’s for sure! The money KAHI is spending on advertisement probably adds up to millions by now.

Source: theqoo