“&Audition-The Howling” Contestant Hikaru’s Hilarious Reaction When He Realized His Team Has To Perform BTS’s “Black Swan”

He was not God’s strongest soldier in that moment,

BTS‘s entire catalog is full of bangers after bangers. But their 2020 release “Black Swan” has a place of its own in every ARMY’s heart. So, when a group of contestants on the survival show &Audition-The Howling realized that they had been assigned “Black Swan” for their upcoming performance, they all exploded with excitement. Well, all but one.

Hikaru, one of the members of Team B, looked absolutely shell-shocked at the revelation, and ARMYs found his hilarious expression the most relatable of all.

Apart from its lyrical genius, “Black Swan” is also an insanely difficult song to perform since the original choreography is very intricate, borrowing delicate movements from contemporary and classical dance styles.

So, it is understandable why getting assigned such a song on a survival show might have scared the living daylight out of Hikaru. Funnily enough, Hikaru himself is a trained ballet dancer who should be the least intimidated by the original choreography of “Black Swan.” Many ARMYs showed their support for him and hoped he gets to do Jimin’s parts.

You can watch this episode down below: