Racist Australian Woman Assaults Korean Man and Tells Him to “Stay Home”

One woman cursed at the Korean man, and another woman beside her hit him with her fist.

JTBC Newsroom recently reported that a Korean man residing in Australia on a working holiday visa was assaulted by an Australian woman in light of the coronavirus outbreak all over the world.

According to the report, the Korean man, Mr. A was walking down the street of Albany, Australia when he encountered a woman within a group of natives who pointed at him and picked a fight.

The shared footage shows Mr. A approaching the woman, the woman retaliating with curse words, and another woman beside her proceeding to hit him 2 times with her fist.

According to Mr. A, the woman asked where he was from, and when he told her he was from Korea, she demanded that he stop spreading COVID-19 and told him to go home.

She told me, ‘Why don’t you stop going around and giving everyone COVID-19 and just stay home?’ And I asked my friends, ‘She’s being racist right now, right? In the 21st century? And that’s when another woman beside her hit me.

– Mr. A

Mr. A added that although the police showed up at the scene, they simply broke up the dispute and left.

Ahead of this incident, a Korean exchange student was assaulted by a black woman in the middle of the streets in Manhattan, New York.

In light of the continued acts of racism, Minister Kang Kyung Hwa of the Foreign Office expressed that violence toward Asian people has increased in an interview with BBC in the UK and asked that each country take responsibility.

Check out the full report below:

Source: Insight