Aziatix parts ways with Cash Money Records

Asian American group Aziatix announces their official departure from Cash Money Records on December 31st, 2014.

Forming in 2011, the group Aziatix was brought together by producer Jae Chong and includes members Flowsik, Eddie Shin, Nicky Lee. The Asian American hip hop and R&B group released their first studio album, Nocturnalin July 2011. Ever since, the group released singles up until 2012, ending with their song “Ready, Set, Go!”

Aziatix signed with Cash Money Records on February 2013 for $11.3 million.

Remaining inactive since then, Aziatix officially announced their departure from Cash Money Records on their Facebook on December 31st, 2014. Aziatix made their decision due to the record label’s continuous acts of postponing the group’s activities and comeback.

The group hopes that they will be able to provide music to their fans as soon as possible and wishes them a Happy New Year.