I.B.I lands their first reality program

According to reports, I.B.I is set to be the star of a new JTBC reality program airing in October.

Not only are the five girls blessed with their own television show, I.B.I is also getting to travel overseas for the filming of their show. The project group was made at the request of fans after receiving attention from Mnet‘s survival show Produce 101. The group then made their debut on August 18th by LOEN Entertainment and have had plenty of music broadcast activities in the last month.

Although none of the members were top 11 from Produce 101, the label and the public seem to believe in their potential and hence the formation of the group. I.B.I includes Han Hyeri (Star Empire Entertainment) who ranked 12th place, Lee Suhyun at 13th, Kim Sohee (Music Works) at 15th, Yoon Chaekyung (DSP Media) at 16th, and Lee Haein at 17th.

In related news, Haein and Suhyun will be making an appearance at fellow Produce 101 contestant Kim Ju Na‘s solo debut showcase on September 12th.

Source: Sports Chosun