B.A.P gets ready to strike Seoul with epic live and free concert

It looks like B.A.P is returning with full force this winter as they announced their comeback showcase!

On October 5th, the poster for the showcase B.A.P 151115 was released on various SNS accounts. The showcase will be held at the DONGDAEMUN DESIGN PLAZA Art Hall 2 with tickets available through Interpark.

What makes this concert even greater for BABYs is that tickets are FREE! Not only that, a hi-touch event will be held after the concert where all of the audience will be able to participate in!

“From a forced-landed spaceship fallen out of the tranquil sky of Seoul with a strike of lightning, appears six men that all have been longing for. A year and nine months of waiting. These men, long-waited even for their roughest breathe, will ignite your hearts once again with spectacular performances. ‘’Expectation’ is all you have to bring. ‘Ovation’ is what we will make out of it.’ by B.A.P,” reads the Facebook post.

Since filing a lawsuit against TS Entertainment in November 2014, the members of B.A.P haven’t been seen active together as a group. Fortunately, TS Entertainment and B.A.P resolved the situation between them and announced in August 2015 that B.A.P is once again an artist under the agency.

Meanwhile, it’s been confirmed by the agency that B.A.P will return with a new album in mid-November.

151115 #BAP #BAP151115 고즈넉한 서울 하늘을 번개로 가르며 불시착하는 의문의 우주선,찬란한 그 빛 사이로 오랫동안 기다려온 여섯 남자들이 다가온다. 1년 9개월 만의 컴백. 거친 숨소리…

Posted by TS ENT on Sunday, October 4, 2015