TS Entertainment confirms B.A.P’s impending comeback

B.A.P is reportedly slated for a November comeback, which is just about a month away!

According to a music industry official, B.A.P is scheduled to make a comeback in mid-November with a new album and will engage in full-scale activities including a showcase, broadcasts, and fan events.

This will mark B.A.P’s return after 1 year and 9 months since their last promotions with “1004” in February 2014. Members ZeloYongguk, and Daehyun continued making music and performing during this period. They have also been hanging out together with all six members, showing their close bond.

Despite not giving a specific timeframe, TS Entertainment has also confirmed the comeback news through their official Twitter, “Hello, this is TS Entertainment. Aren’t you excited after hearing the sudden news this weekend? Please wait just a little longer. We will be announcing good news to everyone. #BAP_comingsoon.”

The members had tweeted heartfelt messages for their fans on their personal accounts after the announcement of their return. Fans of the 6-member group have also expressed mixed feelings about the group going back to promote under TS Entertainment.

Source: mydaily and TS Entertainment’s Official Twitter