B.A.P Himchan To Officially Halt All Activities Due To Injury

TS Entertainment has made their decision to halt Himchan‘s promotions for the better of his health.

After originally allowing Himchan to continue promoting without performing choreography, the company has revealed in a statement that Himchan will be resting for the remainder of the group’s promotions.

TS Entertainment has now released a follow-up statement about Himchan’s injury and future plans.

“Hello, this is TS Entertainment.
We would like to make an announcement about the health of B.A.P member Himchan.
Even though he was diagnosed with a hairline fracture, Himchan’s strong desire to promote with the group led to him performing without participating in the choreography. After the broadcast of Show Champion on March 15, we decided with Himchan that he will take a break from the rest of the promotions to focus on his recovery.
Therefore, the decision is that Himchan will be taking a complete break from B.A.P’s promotions so he can recover his health, which is his #1 priority.
We will continue to monitor Himchan’s condition and we will decide later in the future when he will resume activities based on how his recovery goes.
We would like to apologize to all the fans once again and we will do our best to help Himchan recover as quickly as possible.
Thank you.”
TS Entertainment

B.A.P are currently in promotions for their new single “Wake Me Up” off their 6th mini album Rose.

Source: News1