B.A.P’s South American tour producers post message criticizing TS Entertainment for cancelled tour

Upon the news of B.A.P’s conflict with their agency TS Entertainment, production company HallyuTrend has spoken up on the male group’s recently cancelled South America tour.

News of the tour’s cancellation was announced on October 28th via TS Entertainment and B.A.P’s SNS official group accounts, just days before the start of the first stop in South America, which was set to take place on November 2nd in Buenos Aires, Aregentina. It was then to be followed by stops in Santiago, Chile on November 4th, and Lima, Peru on November 6th.

On December 6th local time, HallyuTrend shared a lengthy post on their official Facebook account, apologizing for the sudden cancellation of the tour, and giving instructions on how to get a refund on their purchases.

“[Official Announcement] Cancellation of B.A.P’s South American tour

We regret to inform you that due to the demand made by TS Entertainment, B.A.P’s South American tour that was scheduled for the first half of 2015, which included [stops] in the countries of Chile, Peru, and Argentina, has been officially cancelled.

We have done everything in our power to prevent the cancellation of this tour, to understand the repeated problems posed by TS Entertainment and above all, protect the enthusiasm of all the fans waiting for this tour, but due to the this situation, we had decided to cancel B.A.P – Live on Earth in the aforementioned countries.

We are really sorry for not being able to carry out this tour, and we want to make sure all the fans understand our disappointment and concern for the group. By the same token, we join in the annoyance with the company TS Entertainment for its lack of seriousness and professionalism to everything that has happened. We decided after this, to also cancel the original request of merchandising we were going to make, since the purchase of these products continue to generate revenue for the company. which as many will be/are aware, has not respected the fair profit [share] that the B.A.P’s members deserve. Also, we would like to clarify that HallyuTrend is still waiting on a response from the correspondents of TS Entertainment, and that they will be responsible for all damages caused by the hiring and cancellation of this tour.

We wish to clarify that HallyuTrend will not lower arms. We will continue working to fulfill the dreams of fans and bring the K-pop groups that you want to see, and in fact, we are already working hard on a concert for the first months of 2015. Please continue giving us your support!

We have always responded to your requests, we will respond this time and will not rest until all tickets are cancelled and all have recovered their money. We only ask for patience and understanding with the stipulated time, we do so in order to avoid further problems.”

For South American fans who are still looking for their moneys to be refunded, the production company left the following instructions:


1. The return and cancellation of tickets will be automatically completed for all tickets purchased.

2. Please wait until you have received an e-mail from us, which will inform you on your cancelled purchase and how the money will be return.

3. This process is valid for purchases made on Mercado Pago, to purchases made in cash at our office, or the launch event.

4. Look for our e-mails, which will have the recorded purchase, and check your spam boxes as well. . If you have problems with the registered e-mail, please send an email to ventas@hallyutrend.com with the registered mail initially used and the e-mail to which you want to change it to.

5. This process is NOT necessary code retirement, we’ll do it with the Mercado Pago’s database  and database record cash purchases.

IMPORTANT: Please wait until you get the corresponding e-mail about the return, many come to our office without coordinating returns beforehand, and we can not return it until they have coordinated the day and time because we will not have your money available. Please be patient, this is a process that will take us up to two or three weeks, since a mass e-mail sending could cause a collapse of the system.

We are at your disposal for any questions or queries, we apologize again for all the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.