B1A4’s CNU To Enlist In Military This Month, Overseas Schedules Cancelled

He will not be able to participate in upcoming schedules abroad.

It has been reported that B1A4‘s CNU will be enlisting in the military this month and as a result, he will not be able to attend his schedules abroad.


On January 4, B1A4’s agency stated that CNU would be enlisting in the military on January 22 and that he will not be able to participate in upcoming schedules abroad as a result.

“B1A4’s CNU has recenty received notice of enlistment and will be enlisting in the military as an active-duty soldier on January 22, 2019 in order to fulfill his military duties as a citizen of South Korea. As a result, he will unfortunately be unable to attend the overseas scheduled that were planned and we ask our domestic and intenrational fans for your deep understanding. Please support CNU so that he may fulfill his military duties in a healthy state and return as a more mature person.”

ㅡ WM Entertainment 


CNU, who was born in 1991 (currently 27 years old in American age), will become the first member of B1A4 to enlist in the military.


After Jinyoung and Baro’s departure from the group, CNU has been continuing promotions as a member of B1A4 alongside Sandeul and Gongchan.


He has also been expanding his career into acting, receiving much love for his appearances on musicals such as Three Musketeers, Chess and Hamlet and last year’s drama Miss Ma, Nemesis.


Meanwhile, B1A4’s official fan meeting, “Be the One. All for One”, which is scheduled to take place at the Olympic Park Olympic Hall on January 5, is expected to become a meaningful event for both CNU and his fans before his enlistment.

Source: Asia Economy