B1A4 breaks silence on sexual assault scandal after police investigations

B1A4 has just finished their police investigations with regards to the sexual molestation controversy and revealed their thoughts on the situation.

Korean media Dispatch reported that a personnel from the Seoul Mapo police force told them in a phone conversation, “On December 1st, B1A4 completed a detailed statement about what happened that day. We cannot however reveal the contents of the investigation as it is still in its early stages.”

If the investigation finds comedian Lee Se Young guilty of sexual molestation, she will either be sentenced up to 10 years in prison or up to 15,000,000 Won in fines.

B1A4 recently made a comeback on November 28th with their new album “Good Timing” after 2 years and 10 months. WM Entertainment expressed their frustration of being swept up in a controversy during their long awaited promotion stating, “B1A4 is frustrated to be swept up in a controversy as soon as releasing an album, the members wish to focus on their current promotions.”

Earlier reports confirmed that INFINITE and Block B will also be questioned by police on this matter.

Source: Dispatch