[★BREAKING] B1A4 investigated by police about sexual assault scandal

Block B, INFINITE and B1A4 will be receiving police investigations as the victims of sexual harassment in the recently highlighted case involving the staff of “SNL Korea Season 8″.

According to Xportsnews, the three boy groups who were previously seen suffering from sexual molestation at the hands of the female staff of ‘SNL 8’ will be summoned for questioning.

They will be summoned to the police office located in Mapo and in the case they do not respond to the summons, the police will be coming to the groups in order to proceed with the case.

However, in the case of Block B, a separate date may be set up for the questioning due to the fact that member Zico is currently in Hong Kong for the 2016 MAMA event.

The police have begun their investigations into this case after fans of B1A4, INFNITE, and Block B have submitted a request of investigation through the online “E-people service” where reports can be filed as complaint or petitions.

After the cases of sexual harassment was brought to light, SNL Korea released a statement of apology and comedian Lee Se Young also stated her apology and has currently left the show.

Source: Xports News