B1A4’s Jinyoung Confirms His Military Enlistment Date

He’s enlisting earlier than you’d think.

Jinyoung, a former member of B1A4, announced he will be enlisting in the military this month to fulfill his mandatory duties. His agency clarified that he will be enlisting in just a few weeks – on June 20.

We received the enlistment letter today. [Jinyoung] will begin his military training on the 20th.

He plans on enlisting quietly without any special event.

— Link 8 Entertainment

Jinyoung is scheduled to serve as a social worker after completing his basic training. He had received a level 4 during his physical examination due to his past shoulder and leg injuries that he sustained during previous filmings.

His agency had explained that he had been receiving non-surgical treatments for his injuries over a long period of time, but his condition hadn’t been fully cured. The hospital then suggested that surgical procedures were inevitable, and Jinyoung has been continually receiving regular treatments ever since his surgery.

Jinyoung is predicted to finish his military enlistment by 2021.

Source: MBN Star