B1A4’s Contract Will Expire Next Week, But They Still Haven’t Renewed

Will B1A4 members renew or end their contracts?

B1A4‘s contract with WM Entertainment expires next week, but the fans are yet to hear any news on renewals.

B1A4 debuted with WM Entertainment in 2011, making 2018 the infamous seventh year. Many K-Pop idol groups face the “7th Year Jinx” as the industry’s standard contract period is seven years.


WM Entertainment stated the agency continues to discuss terms with the boy group members.

“B1A4’s contract will expire this month. We are currently discussing contract renewal.” — WM Entertainment


For the boy group’s 7th debut anniversary, member CNU did briefly mention his wish to stay together.

“I can’t believe it has been 7 years already. Time goes by so quickly. I’ve had great, happy days and some exhausting days too. Looking back, all of them are valuable memories… Some people say 7 years is a long time and suggest that I let go a little. I don’t want to. I’m still young and have a lot of things I want to do. I think this is only the beginning for me.” — CNU


So while the delay in the members’ decision to renew is concerning the fans, they look forward to hearing updates soon!

Source: News1 and Chosun News