Baby Jung In’s Adoptive Mother Says She Feels Wronged, Claims “I Didn’t Hit Her That Hard”

Family friends have stepped forward to share what they witnessed.

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This article includes descriptions of graphic content and violence that may disturb some readers.

In a tragic story that upset the entire nation overnight, the case of baby Jung In is just beginning. The adoptive mother has officially come forward with a statement that is infuriating netizens all around.

Photo of Jung In on “Unanswered Questions” | SBS

The January 6th episode of SBS 8 O’Clock News featured a segment that discussed baby Jung In’s case. Through the show, new information has been revealed regarding the matter. Communicating through a lawyer, Jung In’s adoptive mother had something to share with the public. This is what she had to say.

I got mad for a split second so I hit her a couple of times…I was changing her diaper when I pushed her shoulder. As a result, she fell over and hit her head on the floor. That’s all I remember.

— Jung In’s adoptive mother

To add onto the overall shock of the case, the adoptive mother is claiming that she didn’t do anything wrong.

Photo of adoptive mother in handcuffs | SBS

The adoptive mother says she’s being wronged and put in an unfair position.

— SBS 8 O Clock News caption

Friends and family acquaintances of Jung In’s adoptive parents, however, are starting to step forward to share their testimonies of what they have witnessed.

Photos of Jung In’s bruises | SBS

Friends and family of Jung In’s adoptive parents claim that they had a feeling she was being abused for a long time.

— SBS 8 O Clock News caption

One family friend shared the numerous times they could remember when they found marks all over the baby’s body.

Photo of bruises on Jung In’s stomach | SBS

Every time we met, the baby had some type of scar on her. Her face and even her ear was torn one time. Another time she was severely bruised…

— Jung In’s family friend

Another family friend shared their story of when the adoptive parents left Jung In in the car all alone while they went to have a meal.

Photo of a bruise on Jung In’s eye | SBS

They left the baby in her carseat all alone while they went to go eat. Aren’t you supposed to bring your child? Isn’t that dangerous…

— Jung In’s family friends

Another family acquaintance shared their personal experience with Jung In’s adoptive parents and the neglect they witnessed with their own eyes.

Still of Jung In bouncing in her chair | SBS

They would leave her by herself in her room and come over. So I would ask them ‘what are you going to do if Jung In gets hurt’ to which they responded that she played well by herself. They claimed that she would just fall asleep if she got tired.

— Jung In’s family friend

While the adoptive mother continues to justify her actions and share how wronged she feels to the public, the adoptive father has stepped up and admitted to the charges.


The adoptive father has admitted to the charges of neglect and abuse.

— Lawyer representing adoptive father

After watching the news segment, netizens have erupted in rage and shared their thoughts on the matter. Here is what they had to say.

Comment section under SBS 8 O Clock News video | YouTube
  • “She’s not human. She’s the devil and a murderer.”
  • “Let’s hope she gets the death sentence. We can’t just leave her like that.”
  • “I get a feeling that woman isn’t going to admit to her faults easily. She abused a child for five months. She gave up her rights as a human being.”
  • “Let’s hurry up and give her the death penalty. She’s a real life psychopath.”
  • “Let’s do a public execution.”
  • “If you’re going to be crazy, at least be a good crazy.”
  • “There’s evidence and she still says she didn’t do it…”


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Jung In’s child abuse case is set to go to trial beginning January 13th. While there is nothing we can do to bring the sweet angel back, we can only hope that justice will be served in her name. Rest in peace Jung In.

Photo of Jung In on “Unanswered Questions” | SBS


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