“Yang Hyun Suk Must Be Thrilled” — Here’s What Koreans Think Of BABYMONSTER’s Pre-Debut Song “DREAM”

Here’s what Koreans think of the group.

YG Entertainment will soon be launching a new girl group — BABYMONSTER. After a grueling survival system that tested the nerves of fans, all of the girls were announced to be debuting. With the seven members preparing for their debut, a pre-debut track, “DREAM,” was released on May 13, 2023.

The song focused on how hard the girls worked to achieve their dreams.

The music video showed the girls’ progression as they moved from evaluation to evaluation.

Blood, sweat, and tears were spilled on the path to stardom.

It surely paid off as the girls are already sweeping up the fans despite not having officially made their debut.

“DREAM” showcased their talent and vocals, impressing even the pickiest of Korean netizens.

Not a single person was in doubt of BABYMONSTER’s skills.

Netizen reactions to BABYMONSTER. | theqoo
  • Their vocals are super solid for real.
  • There’s nothing to drag this group and NMIXX for in terms of vocals.
  • They’re like NMIXX.
  • They sing well.
  • They look talented… I’m curious about their results because the fourth generation is already exploding right now.
  • Their vocal combination is so good… Everyone’s vocal colors and skills are insane. When are they debuting??
  • Seems like big companies are holding onto the good singers tight…
  • Yang Hyun Suk must be thrilled. Seeing how even after he did all that, the response is [as good] as this.

No matter what, talent is certainly one thing that no one can drag BABYMONSTER for! Their vocals, dance, and performance skills are all out of this world. Catch “DREAM” below!

Source: theqoo